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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the hospital can provide treatment to patients from overseas. Should you require help making an appointment with any of our consultants please contact the hospital for assistance.

No, you do not need private medical insurance to be treated at the hospital. We do offer services as a government institution to medical aid and non medical aid patients for most procedures. For more information on paying for your own treatment at the hospital please contact our hospital administration.

The Department of Health has a 24 hour call centre available.

0800 0323 64

The most common symptoms are

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Shortness of breath

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2016/17 EC budget a continuation of fiscal consolidation

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ECDoH has to do within a tight fiscal space. Whilst healthcare undoubtedly remains one of the key priorities for the Eastern Cape Government, it is no secret that the current fiscal environment remains extremely tight and fragile with uncertain economic prospects. 

This requires the Eastern Cape Department of Health (ECDoH) to find ways to do more with less. In other words the promise and the commitment to improve healthcare for the people of this province has to be delivered with significantly reduced resources at the Department’s disposal. There has also been a call from the Presidency that all state organisations must find ways to eliminate wastage and use resources prudently and in areas where they are needed most as per the mandate of each institution.

Whilst ECDoH is the second largest beneficiary of the Eastern Cape’s 2016 Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) budget, receiving a total allocation of R20.244 billion in 2016/17, this is a meagre increase from the 2015/16 allocation which was R18 495 billion. In real terms and when one factors in inflationary effects and the increase in the scope of work, this is in fact a decrease which once more emphasises the need to spend wisely and prudently. 

The allocation of the budget for the Department in 2016/17 and the 2016 MTEF will primarily be focusing on funding the following:

Area of Spending 2016/17 Allocation 2016 MTEF Allocation
Health Infrastructure R1.402 billion R4.363 billion
Health Facilities Revitalisation Grant R619.041million R1.755 billion
Comprehensive HIV, AIDS and TB R1.755 billion R6.081billion
Health Professions and Training Development R213.212 million R679.485 million
National Health Insurance R7.546 million
National Tertiary Services R838.458 million R2.672 billion
National Health Laboratory Services R610.993 million R1.984 billion
Medicine R1.345 billion R4.568 billion

The department renders accessible, equitable and integrated quality health care services in the Province. Government’s medium term priorities include increasing life expectancy, decreasing maternal and child mortality and combating HIV/ AIDS through strengthening the effectiveness of the health system.

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