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Patient Rights

According to the national patient's rights charter every patient has the right to: visit

1. A healthy and safe environment
2. Participation in decision-making
3. Access to health care services which include:

  • Receiving timely emergency care
  • Treatment and rehabilitation
  • Provision for special needs
  • Counselling
  • Palliative care
  • A positive disposition
  • Health information

4. Knowledge of ones own health insurance / medical aid scheme
5. Choice of health services
6. Be treated by a named health care provider
7. Confidentiality and privacy
8. Informed consent
9. Refusal of treatment
10. Be referred for a second opinion
11. Continuity of care
12. Complain about health services


MEC, Ms HS August

Superintended General, Dr TD Mbengashe

pmaduna DDG Clinical Services, Dr. P Maduna
skaye Chief Financial Officer, Mr. S Kaye
DDG Human Resource and Corporate Services, Mrs N Mavuso


A quality health service to the people of the Eastern Cape Province promoting a better life for all.


To provide and ensure accessible comprehensive integrated services in the Eastern Cape, emphasizing the primary health care approach, optimally utilising all resources to enable all its present and future generations to enjoy health and quality of life.

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