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Eastern Cape College of Emergency Care

Contact Number: (041) 453 0911

The Eastern Cape College of Emergency Care (ECCOEC) is the official Emergency Care College of the Eastern Cape Department of Health (ECDOH). The college is mandated to ensure that emergency care providers employed by the Eastern Cape Department Health is sufficiently developed to service the needs of the Province of the Eastern Cape with regards to pre-hospital medical care.

It is our vision to “Spearhead evidenced based emergency care education and training” for all emergency care providers by honoring the following strategic objectives:

  • Ensuring sound curriculum development practices,
  • Ensuring a sound student administration management system,
  • Ensuring a sound student learning management system,
  • Ensuring internal business excellence within the college. 

The following courses are currently being offered by the college:


a.      Ambulance Emergency Assistant Course


a.      Rescue Technician Program (15 Rescue Modules)

b.      Rescue Practitioner Program (3 Basic Rescue Modules)

3.      OTHER

a.      Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Workshops

b.      Emergency Medical Dispatch

c.      Essential Skills for Maternity and Obstetric Emergencies (ESMOE)

d.      BLS for HCP 

e.      First Aid

The college is based at Livingstone Hospital in Port Elizabeth

Official Hours:     ​Monday to Friday  08:00 - 16:00

Contact Number: (041) 453 0911

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